A Never Ending Dance (Me & Success)

Otis Galloway
2 min readJun 5, 2017


I honestly wish I could tell you how this works…

I am, at 48, starting all over again.

My Mantra.

Seven years ago, I was homeless and emotionally broken. Some of it was my fault. Some of it was just bad luck.

I was not capable of much, other than watching my life slowly circle the drain.

I’m still not 100%. I’m not sure if I ever will be.

What I am these days is better.

It wasn’t easy, but I eventually got there, with a little help.

A lot of it came from Lynn, my wife. I owe her a debt I cannot even hope to repay.

How do you repay someone who gave you back your life?

Her belief in me gave me the strength to do what I needed to do.

I needed to go back through the wreckage of my life, and put things together. I needed to figure out what happened.

That involved going back into darkness I thought I had left behind.

I spent my life running away from it, often using drink and drugs to escape, as you do.

As terrified as I was, I dived in. I dove deep.

I learned to embrace my darkness.

Eventually I absorbed it, and it became part of me.

I no longer fear it.

I use it to power my dreams and goals.

Once I feared my creativity. I was taught to by the people I trusted and loved.

I’m sure they warned me off a life of creativity thinking they were doing it out of love.

No one needs love like that.

But I put that on me. You should NEVER let anyone take your shine away.

For a while, I felt like 48 was too old, to out of it, too past the sell by date.

What bullshit.

That is forty-eight years of accumulated observation itching to be a story, a screenplay, a song, an invention, an idea.

So this is a rebirth.

This is where the conversation starts.

This is here, and this is now.

Hello…my name is Otis Galloway, and we have a lot to talk about…



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